About Utley Sort

The Utley Sort was created because I was reloading on a progressive press and kept getting stoppages and powder spills due to .380 cases being mixed in with the 9mm.  It lets you easily see the cases that don't belong.  You can also see the inside of all the cases to check for trash that may be stuck.  With a piece of Plexiglas, you can also flip the cases over and easily inspect the case heads.

There are currently three sizes, Small, Large and X-Large.  Look for the size you want to sort and choose the one that fits your needs.  

- Utley Sort Small

380 from 9mm
9mm from 38 Super

- Utley Sort Large

357 Sig from 40 S&W
40 from 45

- Utley Sort X-Large

38 Special from 357 Magnum